Webs of Elemental Ice (Elite)
Level 13 Elite Obstacle
XP 1600

Strands of silvery ice spread across the cavern, stretching from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, forming a vast crystalline web.

Hazard: This trap covers a 7-by-7-by-7-square area, filling it with a web of elemental ice. Creatures entering spaces containing the ice trigger an attack from the trap.Perception     No check is necessary to notice the webs of elemental ice.Arcana     DC 25: The character recognizes the elemental ice for what it is, and that character and all allies gain a +2 bonus to Acrobatics checks made to navigate its spaces.TriggerWhen a creature enters a space containing the elemental ice web, the hazard attacks.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee 1
Targets: Each creature in a square containing the hazardAttack: +20 vs. ACHit: 1d10 + 6 damage, and the target is slowed and takes a -2 penalty to Will defense (save ends both). If the creature is already slowed, it becomes dazed (save ends) instead.Countermeasures     Acrobatics DC 18: A character entering one of the hazard’s spaces can make a skill check to gain a +4 bonus to AC against the hazard’s attacks until the start of the character’s next turn.
     A character can attack a space containing the elemental ice web (AC 23, other defenses 18; hp 100; vulnerable 10 necrotic). Reducing the hazard’s hit points to 0 clears the webbing from the space attacked.

Published in Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons, page(s) 59.