Worthy Sacrifices
Level 8 Obstacle
XP 350

Bloated, maggot-ridden corpses litter the arena floor. The stink of these shattered bodies is overpowering.

Hazard: Piled corpses cover a 3-by-6-square area.Perception     No check is necessary to notice the corpses.Religion     DC 14: The character notices purposeful movement, grasping limbs, and necrotic energy among the corpses.Initiative +10Trigger 1When a living creature enters a square adjacent to the hazard, the hazard makes the following attack.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee 1
Target: The triggering creatureAttack: +13 vs. ACHit: 2d8 + 7 damage, and the hazard grabs the target.Trigger 2After the hazard’s first opportunity attack, roll initiative. On the hazard’s initiative count, it makes the following attack.Attack * NecroticStandard Action      Melee 1
Target: One creature grabbed by the hazardAttack: +11 vs. FortitudeHit: 2d8 + 7 damage, and the hazard pulls the target into the hazard’s space. A creature that starts its turn in the hazard’s space takes 10 necrotic damage.Miss: Half damage.Countermeasures     Acrobatics DC 19: A character can move to a square adjacent to the hazard without triggering its opportunity attack by succeeding on a check.
     Nature DC or Religion DC : Succeeding on a complexity 1 skill challenge (4 successes before 3 failures) using either Nature or Religion destroys the hazard. The characters destroying the hazard must be adjacent to it. Each attempt takes a standard action. On a failed check, the character takes 5 necrotic damage.
     The hazard has AC 14, Fortitude 19, Reflex 14, hp 70, resist 10 necrotic, and vulnerable 10 radiant. When the hazard is reduced to 0 hit points, it is destroyed.

Published in Dark Sun Creature Catalog, page(s) 138.